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Bom Life Is A Way Of Life Inspiring Sustainable Organic Growth

Our Vision

Our vision is to build creative and innovative capacities to create world-class agricultural inputs as well as an inclusive distribution mechanism that would deliver the benefits of the technology directly at the grass root fostering economic growth along with generation of societal and natural capitals.

Our Mission

To innovate bio-fertilizer, soil modulator, bio pest and fungal control agents that would foster sustainable agricultural growth along with restoration of precious nature

To disseminate advanced bio-organic technologies and implement best practices at the grass root level with knowledge exchange through seminars, workshops and on field trials so one can successfully go for organic farming without compromising on yield.


It is a common belief that using organic farming practices results in reduced yield in comparison to its synthetic counterparts. So we innovated a pioneering bio-fertilizer BOM BIOMICS following the principles of bio-dynamics that would enable restoration of pristine environment without compromising with the yield.

This pioneering product is a result of rigorous experiments & successful trial runs in tea gardens, in fruit orchards, in floriculture, in grains & vegetable crop incorporating wide range of geo climatic conditions to assert its superior efficacy over synthetic inputs. We not only have patented our formulation but also have acquired the accession nos of the micro-organisms we are using, so no one can replicate our product. We are also offering a range of tailor made bio-organic solutions for fungal and pest management as well.

Mere knowledge of micro-organisms doesn’t make effective products. But it’s the choice of the right strains, which we’ve tried and tested for nearly a decade at varied geo-climatic conditions & application of our unique innovative techniques in microbial culture to obtain the desired count (108-9CFU/gm) have together lead to the unmatched efficacy of our products.

Uniqueness of our approach is in the amalgamation of traditional knowledge with modern microbiology and in application of common sense in synergy with nature.

The Dream Of The Farmers Is Our Aspiration, Their Wellbeing Our Intent

Value Chain

Our awareness campaign for organic farming involves local students who become leading change agents in their own community to restore their pristine environment for the future.

Our distribution network for the agricultural products involves young farmers who become active stakeholders in the value chain prompting sustainable inclusive growth.

We plan to set up a procurement network for the organic produce prompting a forward integration so that the farmers can obtain higher value for their quality produce and the exporters can be assured of a quality value chain and traceability.

There’s Always Been A Disconnect Between The Technology
And The Society
We Want To Bridge That Disconnect

Manibrata Paul ,COO

Scientist, Innovator, Entrepreneur

Manibrata is a freak scientist with immense knowledge on chemistry of bio-organism. He has invented and patented a number of environmental solutions in the field of agriculture and green energy. For the last 15 years he has been identifying and isolating bio-organism suitable for crops in Indian climatic conditions.

Amlan Dutta CEO

Filmmaker, Environmentalist, Social Activist

An alumnus of Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, Amlan is an independent filmmaker of international repute. Dedicated to documentary filmmaking for over two decades he has gathered huge experience on the ground realities of the country. He’s honored by Indian National Film Awards thrice for his contributions. He also runs a charity named ‘Bom-Bom Charitable Trust’ with concerns for environment and social development.

25 years back, Manibrata & Amlan had been studying together for B.Sc. degree in Chemistry (Hons.) at St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and then after M.Sc. in Biochemistry at Calcutta University.

Now two old friends have come together to found BOM LIFE a social entrepreneurship with a simple motto - economy and environment not at cost of each other.

The Smile Of The Farmers Is Our Rejoice; Their Pride Our Incentive

Shilabati Horticulture & Aquaculture is the exclusive research and development wing of BomLife that is engaged in innovation as well as manufacture of microbial solutions. BomLife has been scientifically developing the research findings into effective products for use in commercial organic agriculture. The company now offers a complete range of agricultural inputs with tried and tested crop specific package of practices.