Salient Features of Bom Biomics

This pioneering product is a result of rigorous experiments and successful trial runs meeting wide range of climatic and soil conditions.

  1. Balanced NPK: Fosters healthy growth of plant
  2. Fully sufficient: Soil needs no synthetic inputs at all
  3. Enhances natural cycle: Extremely beneficial to the eco-system.
  4. Quick recovery of Soil system: Removal of toxic compounds through “Phytoremediation”.
  5. 100% bio-organic based on living micro-organisms: Organisms come alive in presence of moisture and air within 12 hrs.


  1. Reduction of pest attacks
  2. FYM requirement comes down to 20% only
  3. 75% reduction in cost towards transport & labor
  4. Higher water retention – less expenses on irrigation
  5. Improves quality of produce – higher shelf life
  6. Consistency in fertility – reduced risk factor
  7. Higher price for organic produce – higher returns


Our product range has a very high concentration of micro-organisms with viable counts (CFU) ~ 108-9 per gram so the dosage we advice is surprisingly low. It is convenient for the farmer for transportation and application.

  • For Fruit Orchards

    • 100 gm per year per tree
      - 50 gms post winter
      - 50 gms after flowering
  • For Grains & Greens

    • 20 Kgs/Acre per crop
      - 12 Kgs during soil preparation/ sowing seeds
      - 8 Kgs after flowering/
  • For Tea, Coffee, Dpices

    • 52 Kgs per Hectre per year
    • twice in each season: 13 Kgs X 4 times/yr
    • fresh orchard/ flower pot: 10 gms per plant

Optimal dose may alter as per geo climatic differences

There is no overdose


Broadcast can be done with or without mixing (at 1:2 ratios) with organic materials during the field preparation. The preference for filler is as follows: vermin compost > green compost > compost > cow-dung > soil > ash

  • Please ensure wet/ moist soil during application
  • Do not apply along with any synthetic fertilizer

Designing Bom Biomics

To design a universal and effective bio-fertilizer we gave emphasis on availability of Nitrogen and Phosphate so that good ATP economy can be maintained. BOM BIOMICS in itself is consortia of cysts and spores of micro-organisms with an inert powdery carrier.

  • 1.

    Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

    There are many species of bacteria which absorbs atmospheric nitrogen, e.g. Rhizobium, Azotobacter etc. and maintain the nitrogen cycle. A very concentrated count of these bacteria is a major constituent of BOM BIOMICS. When applied, these bacteria grow in the soil and fix substantial amount of atmospheric Nitrogen making it available to the ecosystem. This fully eliminates necessity for any external inorganic Nitrogen supplement such as Urea.

  • 2.

    Phosphate Solubilising Micro-organisms (PSM)

    PSM converts abundant yet inert Phosphate into palatable form for the Plants.

  • 3.

    KSB or Potassium Solubilising Bacteria

    KSB salvages inert Potassium in available form.

  • 4.

    Soil Probiotics

    Probiotics secrets soil conditioners, mainly organic acids, and extracellular enzymes which moderate the soil and make it ideal for the plants.

    These organisms are carefully selected from thousands of strain to survive acidic pH or other adverse conditions and have shown better growth curves.

    These micro-organisms can’t work in isolation but only in synergy with each other. The strength of BOM BIOMICS is in their selection and ratio. We have developed our patented formulation to obtain maximum synergy and performance.

    The product is developed under complete laboratory environment involving state of the art technology.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. These organisms are present in cow-dung why should we buy them separately?

A. In micro-biology numbers do matter. The materials we cater have got viable counts (CFU) more than 108 per gram. One gram of BOM BIOMICS may contain Nitrogen fixing organisms more that what is present in 10 MT of cow-dung.

Q. We have used Azotobacter before but didn’t get any result. Why should we do this again?

A. Azotobacter is a genera containing hundreds of species. The exact strains we are using have been developed through field trials for more than five years with proven efficacy. Also the azotobactors can optimally perform only in synergy with other micro-organism. Try our patented formula in BOM BIOMICS and see the difference.

Q. We cannot be 100% bio and may need to use pesticide then why should we use bio-fertilizer?

A. By not using chemical fertiliser pest problem reduces to a great extent. There are biological cure for every pests and integrated pest control is in vogue. We have a range of Bio solution as well. Even inorganic stuff like Copper-oxy-chloride is also approved in limited quantity for different cases. So make a green beginning and you can embrace good harvest.

Q.How so little or small a quantity can work?

A. Micro-organisms are light in weight and very small in size but their power is enormous. A single pathogenic bacteria can be lethal.

Q.How is it cost effective being much costlier than synthetic products?

A. Yes, the product is costlier indeed but it is much superior in its efficacy. So the dosage we advice for BOM Biomics is very low in comparison to the synthetic counterparts making it highly cost effective. In reality for orchards our advised dose is less than 2% of all the synthetic fertilizers presently been used. So allover you pay much less for your fertilizer needs and gain a good soil as bonus.
The data obtained from trial runs in tea gardens clearly demonstrates efficacy of our product in comparison to synthetic products.

'Click here to view/ download Trial Results at Tea Gardens'


BOM Life is a way of life inspiring sustainable organic growth.

Our marketing strategy is not just to promote our products but also to expand an organic way of living.

We do not sell through regular shops. We distribute our products only through a value chain involving youth; students and young farmers at the grass root level who are eager to care for our future.

The users of our products are not customers but members of an extended BOM Life family. We believe in direct communication with each member to understand their needs better so that we can evolve our products to serve them lifelong.

For any trade enquiry please contact us directly or network of our authorized distributors.

The Smile Of The Farmers Is Our Rejoice;

Their Pride Our Incentive