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BOM Life Seminar in Kullu

Pure Organic Apple

Trial in Himachal

Bom Life Is A Way Of Life Inspiring Sustainable Organic Growth

25-30% guaranteed increase

in production in comparison to control

Trials covered wide geo climatic range from Sea Level in Midnapore, West Bengal to 9000 ft in Kullu, Himachal

Trial on fresh plantation at Korakundah Tea Estate, Nilgiris showed 30-40% more growth in the inter-nodal areas and negligible bunjee production


Our pricing policy ensures much less expenses in comparison to inorganic inputs.
Significantly low doses – ONLY 2% OF INORGANIC INPUT also reduces expenditure on transport and labor The requirement for farm manure reduces to less than 20%

Significant decrease in cost

in comparison to conventional

The Smile Of The Farmers Is Our Rejoice;
Their Pride Our Incentive