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We have created an organic value chain with indivuals who have enjoyed the benefits of our technology and intend to promote hi-tech organic ecosystem for larger good. They introduce new growers by sharing their user experience and provide consulancy for best uses and on field application methods.



Assam/ Tea
Rinty Baruah: Ex Manager, WM Gr. Former National Tennis Player
+91 9954487399, chirubaru@gmail.com

Uttarakhand/ Uttar Pradesh
Adarsh Tawar: roduction & marketing of Organic Food Products specially fresh Fruits & Vegetables for nerly 2 decades.
+91 7982256422, adasingh@yahoo.co.in

Roorkee (UK)
Vijaypal Singh: Over a decade in organic production, runs FPO
+91 9719425865

Vaini Kapoor:Urban farmer, Kitchen garden Specialist
+91 9810572315

Vineet Bakshi:Graphic artist turned organic aggregator
+91 9899345533, bakhshi.vineet@gmail.com

Chennai/ Bangaluru
Hemanth Subramanian:A crusador for sustainability
+91 9836748585, subramanianhemanth@gmail.com