harvest health & happiness

Our innovations involve selectively enhancing particular microbial or biochemical activities of nature which result in better health and growth of plant system or aquatic life
Through research and development for over two decades we’ve identified and isolated several highly efficient strains of beneficial micro-organisms suitable for Indian soil types and geo-climatic conditions
We’ve developed our indigenous technology to achieve super high concentration of the microbes 107-8 CFU/ gm (tested at IARI, Pusa)

Commercial agricultural has largely been depended upon conventional synthetic inputs which are proven to be disastrous for environment and unsustainable.
Our innovative IP protected bio-organic solutions are designed to provide complete nutritional needs of the plants and efficiently manage common pest and disease issues resulting in yield equivalent to or more than conventional.

Our pioneering biofertilizer Bom Biomics prepared under laboratory conditions contains proprietary microorganisms in an IP protected formulation (Patent No: WO2013098856A3 Biofertilizer Formulation Involving Earth) designed to make them reproduce faster and work synergistically ensuring uncompromised yield

Our innovative growth promoter Bom TonicPlus contains natural chelators infused with selected micro-nutrients in form of nano-particles making them easily absorbable by the plants resulting in superior quality produce

Fruit drop is a major concern for any orchardist or coffee planter. Our innovative solution Bom Grip provides essential vitamins and nutrient to the plant system and necessary protection from infections thereby arresting fruit drop

To fulfill or commitment to fight climate change our IP protected bio-composter Bio-Gest.com is capable composting organic material in 3 weeks’ time and has demonstrated to detoxify heavy metals like lead, arsenic & chromium

We are working to find unique natural ways to implement scalable energy positive projects which can significantly address climate change and greenhouse effects by connecting different chemical manufacturing process with segregated waste to carbon positive paths.