harvest health & happiness


does not refer to use of


- these tools can efficiently indicate nutritional defficiencies but are not

capable of providing the solution i.e. supply of balace nutrition to plants

but use of


- these invisible workforce prepare the necessary nutrients and help

supply of the same to the plant system

maintains the fine balance of the natural environment while meeting the human needs

simply by enhancing the soil fertility without use of chemical components but just with BIO-ORGANIC SOIL MODULATION

Our proprietary Hi-Tech organic is an evolved model of agriculture that involves Bio -Fertilizer & other bio-organic solutions for plant nutrition, health & growth, Bio-Control Agents for integrated management of pest & diseases scientific crop selection, rotation & management...


How do Bio-Fertilizers work

  • Biofertilizers are preparations containing very high concentration of living cells or latent cells of microorganisms that can fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus & mobilize potassium and make these essential nutrients (NPK) available to the plants. The soil enriched with organic carbon becomes fertile and consistent in terms of productivity.
  • Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) & Potassium (K) are three essentialmacro -nutrients, supply of which hold the key to commercial farming.
  • 78% of air is composed of nitrogen gas; phosphate and potassium salts are also mostly abundant in soil but in inert forms.
  • Since the beginning of life these elements are made available to the plants by specific micro-organisms asa design by God himself.
  • Enriching the soil with very highconcentration of these powerful micro-organisms ensures a balanced supply of nutrients to the plants.

Commonly used organic fertilizers like compost or manure can supply nitrogen & other nutrients, but in quantities (nitrogen content 5% only) not sufficient enough for plant’s complete growth which can meet the yield requirement of todays’ commercial agriculture.

How do Bio Control Agents work

  • Natural enemies of insect pests or pathogenic fungus, also known as biological control agents, include predators, parasitoids, pathogens and competitors.
  • Ladybug beetle predates on aphids
  • Some fungi are capable of destroyinother pathogenic fungi or create competitive inhibition and protect plants from diseases.
  • Some bacteria and fungus are pathogenic towards many insects and can infect and kill them during the early part of insect’s life cycle
  • Bio-control agents are not poison, they are not harmful for human being or to the environment, they manage only the target pests or pathogens.

70% of your farm INSECTS are your FRIENDS BIO CONTROL helps keep the ENEMIES IN CHECK and SOIL PURE




  • Consistent SOIL FERTILITY & High PRODUCTIVITY Enhancement of Organic Carbon enhances & maintains the soil fertility maximizing yield.
  • WATER CONSERVATION – irrigation needs reduces by 25% Alive soil with enhanced micro-pores increases water retention reducing need of irrigation considerably. Unlike synthetic inputs microbes don’t need water to go into the soil system. Our proprietary microbes are capable of adjusting to less irrigated farmlands.
  • Increase in ROOT GROWTH & TILLERING by 20-30% Seed & seedling treatment helps root growth improving nourishment & overall health of plant.
  • NEGLIGIBLE PEST & DISEASES Strong healthy plants are normally resistant to pest & disease, also balanced nutrients in soil help population of friendly insects thereby reducing the pests.
  • HIGHER SHELF-LIFE Healthy produce resists natural degradation for a longer time fetching better price.

Environmental Benefits

  • REJUVENATION OF NATURAL ECO-CYCLES Enhanced activity of Microbes increases nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle; thriving micro-flora releases more oxygen enhancing natural cycles rejuvenating the environment for good
  • REVITALIZATION & CONSERVATION of soil Increasing life activity and bioremediation revitalizes the soil
  • Healthy growth of BIRDS & LIVESTOCK Healthy vegetation with no toxic residues helps population of birds and other animals
  • ENERGY POSITIVE – contributes in arresting global warming Adopting to hi-tech organic can reduce emission of greenhouse gases drastically.


  • RESIDUE FREE ORGANIC PRODUCE Consumer enjoys healthy produce free from any harmful toxic synthetic residues
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY in taste, texture & flavor Balanced nutrition and plant metabolism enrich quality of crop. The difference is easily observed in flavor, aroma & taste which can give the farmer an upper hand in the market
  • Improved HEALTH OF CITIZEN Superior quality nutritious food & cleaner environment leads to health & happiness